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proshno baan 2.0

PROSHNO BAAN 2.0  is a state level school quiz organized by Alitheian Circle through online platform to give a unique quizzing experience to the school students hailing from Assam.


Alitheian Circle is a society striving for a tolerant and intellectual discourse while exploring new reaches of creativity, discussing new ideas and different perspectives, sharing knowledge of the spectacular and working for positive changes in the society.

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Book Of The Week

Rediscovering “The Picture Of Dorian Gray”

“… Perverse, immoral, effeminate, leprous and full of esoteric prurience – that was how reviewers of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray expressed their disgust for the work in the late 19th century. A novel that painted Victorian England in the garb of degeneracy, Dorian Gray was uniquely crafted to present a multitude of ideas”


“…Today who is able to breathe fresh air in our smart cities? Who can say that our rivers are free from pollution? The answers are obvious and perhaps this is why the theme of this World Environment Day has been chosen as “time for nature”…”

Social Commentary

The Pandemic of Stupidity

“…This is not even what baffled me the most, as the government is always successful in tricking ignoramuses with sweet words, which is how they came to power the second time, based on religious sentiment despite a dismal performance…”

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Authors Debasish Talukdar and Ankita Boruah talk about their new book and its contemporary implications


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