About Us

Who we are, What we do, Why we do so

Alitheian Circle is a non-profit blogging site that publishes works on literature, philosophy, social changes, politics and events of note. We also conduct interviews, write reviews and collect interesting artworks for perusal. Through our Facebook and Instagram pages we run a series, The Day’s Worth, dedicating each day to some significant event that happened on the same day in the past. Those pages are also used to publish poems, short write-ups and artworks.

Our History

Alitheian Circle started out as a modified study group in 2017. Back then, “the basic aim of the society was to discuss different pieces of art and literature, various ideologies- social, political or literary, social and political problems, issues pertaining to environment and numerous other topics in order to achieve a higher standard of understanding and to find solutions wherever and whenever required.” It seems a little vague now, and perhaps that’s one of the reasons why we couldn’t continue for more than half a year. We may have lost our muses then. The idea to revive it kept occurring but nothing came out of it, until now. We had a very detailed, almost exhaustive, system of organisation back then. We aren’t that focused on it anymore. We know what we want to do. We know how we want to do it. We have shuffled our team a little bit, and we’re now back with greater determination than ever!

Vision & Values

Alitheian Circle does not ascribe to any one ideal or philosophy. We seek to understand the world around us in its complexity, and not just a simplified version of it. We seek to explore different ideas with different perspectives. We seek to share knowledge and establish a network of like-minded individuals to help each other progress. We understand the need for multiplicity of opinions and perspectives- we might not agree with a few, but we understand the need to respect everyone’s freedom of expression. But at the same time we believe in moderation. Our freedom of expression should not become a means of harassment for others. Our purpose is not to create more strife by forcefully establishing our opinions. It is to help others understand the need to coexist peacefully while working for solutions to the problems that plague us. We don’t intend to be moralistic in our approach, but we shall definitely strive for decency and honour.

As such, the primary motive of the society is to help create a generation of free thinkers who could overcome all social, religious and nationalistic barriers to unite for a better future. It is a humbling endeavour, bound to progress slowly. But any progress, no matter how small, would be rewarding. We don’t think we can succeed alone, it has to be a collective effort. We’ll happily welcome people who can observe the world with an open mind. We would love to explore different avenues and experience new phenomena. Who knows, maybe we’ll come across something significant that would make us rethink our entire approach. It’s a journey after all, a journey to find truth, or at least the ones that matter. Then again, that’s subjective.

We are also very keen to explore different reaches of creativity be it in literature or artwork. Imagination is one of the greatest powers at human disposal and this platform will be used to foster that power and to help give it new form. There is a sense of liberation in that, perhaps it’s just the satisfaction of a job well done or perhaps it’s because of the meaning it carries. Art and literature are, after all, a reflection of the world around us and what lies within. It helps us understand and see everything in a new light.

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